How do you use frankincense?

In the shower

No need to add frankincense oil to your bath gel if you don’t want to, or have something other blend in there. Just add a few drops to your washcloth and run it over yourself during your final (hot water) rinse. The steam will infuse with frankincense and you will enjoy a quick and intense frankincense steam bath. refreshing and relaxing at the same time!

In the bath

For a quick frankincense bath, it’s best add the essential oil to something so it dissolves a bit in the bath water. Frankincense is not usually sensitizing for most people, but it depends on the amount and circumstances. Putting a few drops of neat essential oil in a hot bath is not recommended. For anyone. With any oil. Even old friends can burn you in that environment. The situation is that the oils, not being water soluble, remain on the surface of the hot water in original and exclusive drops. Your pores open from the hot water and the frankincense might cause an irritation. If it’s ever going to burn you, this would be when. If you add frankincense oil to a vegetable or nut oil, meaning a massage oil, like olive oil, jojoba, coconut, etc, then it will still float on top of the water but it will be diluted in amount, if not in placement. Some people will be ok with this. Some not.

You can add your frankincense to alcohol (vodka) or honey and this may be better, as it will dissolve, at least partly, in these mediums. Epsom salts work well too. Bath soap or solubulizer will work the best, if you have them. If in doubt, stick with a couple of drops of the oil, maybe make the water not so hot, and don’t stay in for hours. Don’t forget, you can always take a normal bath, and rinse yourself with frankincense on a washcloth afterward.

It’s always possible to add frankincense hydrosol to the bath water. It’s completely water soluble and a nice change. Although it varies in composition from frankincense essential oil (it’s hydrophilic and oil is hydrophobic) it still promotes many of the same effects.

As a facial steam

Frankincense is a great mini-facial. Just take a pot or pan of boiling water, add a drop or two (no more) frankincense oil to it. Lean over it and cover your head with a towel, breathing deeply. Your lungs will be so happy! And your face will rejoice! You can also try one drop frankincense and one drop lavender.

For lung support & during Yoga

The best ways are by inhalation, see above, and massage of head and neck, breathing in deeply. You can even just put a few drops in your palm, rub your hands together, and breathe the oil directly from them. This is great to do before or after yoga, particularly during pranayama. The experience will calm you, centering your energy and elevate your spirit even as it connects you to the earth. You will be able to give more presence to your yoga practice, and concentrate more fully on your breathing through each asana.