how does exercise affect hearing loss

a sudden sensorineural hearing loss is characterized as a change in hearing of 30 decibals over three continuous frequencies. Sudden hearing loss can be mild or profound and generally occurs over the space of a few hours. The symptoms can be ongoing or may subside over time, and strenuous exercise can be at the root of the problem.

Exercising, when combined with noise, can result in hearing loss. Listening to music using headphones can make the inner ear more prone to damage, and loud music during fitness classes and at gyms also can have an impact on your hearing. Symptoms associated with sudden hearing loss include dizziness and ear fullness and is preceded by ringing in the ears, known as tinnitus.

Performing vigorous breathing exercises wrongly during yoga can result in the symptoms of vertigo and cause sudden hearing loss. Alternate nostril breathing is an ancient practice of yoga that involves inhaling life energy and exhaling negative energy. Done incorrectly, the middle part of the ear may be affected by a buildup of pressure. Swallowing during this time can make the problem worse and the resulting hearing loss may be permanent.