how fast is brisk walking

Regular brisk walking spurs weight loss, according to “Controlling Cholesterol.” The book, by well-known heart surgeon Dr. Kenneth Cooper, defines brisk walking as 3.2 mph. “The Well Adult” book defines 3.75 mph as the brisk-walking speed, and the State of Wisconsin’s “Calories Burned Per Hour” standards define walking 4 mph as a “very brisk pace.” Regardless of the definition, you can lose more weight by walking briskly than by walking slowly.

The average person loses 300 calories per hour walking briskly and 210 calories per hour walking slowly, according to “The Well Adult,” a book that defines “brisk” as 3.75 mph and “slow” as 2.5 mph. Walking indoors or outdoors helps you lose weight because “Controlling Cholesterol” reports that young men walking briskly 3.2 mph for 90 minutes per day, five days a week on a treadmill for “just a few months” lost more than 12 pounds each.