How is a fever treated in alternative medicine?

Common homeopathic remedies for fevers include:

nux vomica
ferrum phosphoricum
All of these remedies are from plant sources, but a group of French researchers tested an all-purpose animal-based homeopathic remedy for fever and other flu symptoms. About twice as many patients on the homeopathic treatment found recovery within 48 hours as those patients with no treatment.

Hydrotherapy for Fever
Treatment with hot or cold water, or a treatment alternating the two temperatures, can stimulate healing in the body. Heat, for example, stimulates the immune system. Cooler water can reduce fever, which is necessary for especially high temperatures. Some of the techniques include:

bathing in warm water to promote sweating
sponging off the body with water to slightly reduce a fever (Depending on the person’s temperature and comfort level, hot, warm, or cold wet cloths can be used.)
drinking fluids to make up for what is lost from perspiration and encourage the body to continue sweating
taking a hot foot bath while placing a cold cloth on the head and wrapping the body in a blanket (especially good for fevers with headache)
A soothing hydrotherapy tip for someone with a fever: Take a warm (not hot) bath, especially if the fever is accompanied by shivering.