how long does cold and cough last in babies

We used (of course call and ask if it’s ok), Vick’s Baby Vapo Rub. Put on her chest and also her feet with socks on top. Also, if she’s really congested and boogery, saline drops.

They are basically a natural way to help get the snot way in there out. Baby probably won’t like it, but it makes the nasal aspirator easier to use and you get more out. Check both out with your Ped…ours said “OK” since they are not technically “medication”. We use this method with our 26 month old to this day b/c I don’t want to give her OTC meds just yet. Also, pu t a rolled towel under her mattress where he head goes. A slight elavation will help prevent the mucus from building up in her nose and help her sleep better. Make sure the towel is not IN the crib with her. If you co sleep, put a few pillows under your mattress to elevate everyone! I think sweating helps remove toxin from the skin. The humidity increase will soften the mucus in her nose throat and chest and make it easier for it to pass out.

Vitamin C in higher doses. You can also give an Epsom salt with EO bath, Cocoon Baby makes one that is safe for babies. Humidifier cold air, you can add 1/8 of a cup of Apple Cider Vinegar to it. Zarbees makes a cough and mucus reducer for babies 2 months and older. Great stuff. For the grandmother that has posted, if she is vaccinated, vaccines break down the immune system. They wreck havoc on good gut flora. She should be on a multivitamin, a good probiotic, daily Vit C and Elderberry syrup. She should not always be sick, that is not normal.

You cannot give an infant over the counter cold medicine. Try using a humidifier in her room for naps/bed to help with the cough. If you do not have a humidifier you can run a hot shower and sit her in the steamy bathroom.