how parent involvement benefits kids

First and foremost, when a parent is a part of their child’s education, it can greatly benefit that student. When your child sees your interest in what he’s doing at school, it can increase his chances of success. He sees how much you’re invested in his education and school activities, teaching him the importance of learning, according to PTO Today, an organization committed to helping parent group leaders serve their schools more effectively. Your child is more likely to make better grades and higher test scores, have good attendance, show proper behavior, and exhibit better social skills when you’re involved, states the National Education Association.

Schools benefit from parental involvement in all sorts of ways. It can help to improve student achievements, teacher morale and create valuable relationships between teachers and parents, suggests the East Jones Elementary School, in Ellisville, Mississippi. When you volunteer, your child’s school is better able to provide quality programs for students, according to A school can also benefit from higher attendance overall and better test scores, when parents are invested in the school’s success.

Parents benefit from being a big part of their child’s education, as well. Parents who are involved are better prepared to help their children learn at home and have more confidence as a parent, according to the American Institutes for Research. When you spend more time helping at school, you have a better understanding of how your child’s school operates and what educational programs are used, suggests the Clayton County Public Schools, in Jonesboro, Georgia. It also shows your child how much you care and can give you more quality time together.