how the miracle question can get you a miracle

“The Miracle Question” is an intervention used in Solution Focused Brief Therapy, which can lead to all kinds of realizations and unanticipated changes in people’s lives. This article will review a few basics about Solution Focused Brief Therapy and share with you how you can use “the Miracle Question” in your life, even without the help of a therapist.

Following is one version of the Miracle Question, which, like SFBT, can seem deceptively simple, but actually takes some skill for the therapist to pull off effectively. Read it slowly and see how you might answer this question for yourself:

"I have a very strange question for you, and it will require your imagination to answer. Suppose that after you go to sleep tonight, a miracle occurs. And let’s say the miracle that happens causes all the problems that you came in here for to go away. But, since the miracle happened while you were asleep, you have no way of knowing it happened…

What, then, do you suppose will be the first small signs that you will notice in the morning that will tell you that a miracle occurred?"