how to avoid sperm leakage

Sir, I have a problem of leakage of sperms and semen during sleep about 2- 3 days in a week. And also while watching romantic scenes in movies semen comes out,my clothes gives bad odour. Is it badto health/ marriage?
Lot of time wastes to clean body and clothes.Please help me to avoid these things

Unfortunately, there really is no remedy for this. It’s a natural part of the male body’s function. Men frequently experience a semen leakage after sleeping or during arousal and/or stimulation. This leakage is what is referred to as “pre-cum.” This is the body’s way of flushing/cleaning the urethra as it prepares for a potential ejaculation that would occur during orgasm. This cleaning is necessary because men urinate out of the urethra too. The body wants to ensure that the ejaculate is free of any contaminates. The amount of pre-cum one experiences will most likely dffer from male to male.