how to become an endocrinologist

First - Earn a Bachelor’s Degree. Endocrinologists start at the same point as other medical doctors; by earning a bachelor’s degree. While a specific major is not required, it is recommended that aspiring endocrinologists focus on science courses such as biology, physiology, and social sciences. They must meet the prerequisite requirements for medical school in order to take the next step of their journey in becoming an endocrinologist.

Second - Take the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT). The next step is to get accepted into medical school. This is done by successfully completing the MCAT, which is the standard test given to those who want to become doctors. This test measures the depth of understanding of scientific concepts and ideas, as well as the student’s problem-solving, critical-thinking and analytical abilities. The test is computer-based and the offered format is multiple-choice

Third - Apply to Medical School. Medical school is where the future endocrinologist’s medical career truly begins. During this time, students will learn basic medical knowledge and ideas, with curriculum that is heavily based on sciences like anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and more. During the second half of medical school, students will spend time doing clinical rotations that allow them to gain valuable hands-on experience working with patients in a variety of specialties.

Complete a residency program. A residency in internal medicine that lasts between 2 and 3 years is the next step for aspiring endocrinologists. During this time, the student will be working very closely with licensed physicians and will spend a lot of time interacting with and treating actual patients. This time serves as valuable experience where students learn information that will serve them throughout their careers.
Complete a fellowship program. The final educational step in becoming an endocrinologist is completing a 2 to 3 year fellowship program. During this time, most of the future endocrinologist’s time will be spent with patients suffering from endocrine-related conditions and diseases. They will monitor, diagnose, treat and support these patients under the strict supervision of a licensed physician.
Become board certified. After the fellowship program, individuals can become board-certified endocrinologists and begin practicing medicine. First, they must become certified in internal medicine through the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM). Once this is achieved, they can become certified as an endocrinologist through the specialties offered by the ABIM.