how to color gray pubic hair

Take a pair of nail scissors instead, suggests waxing expert Arezoo Kaviani: ‘Clip it down as much as possible - or ask your therapist to do it for you.’ On the other hand, you could be gung-ho and just wax it off. Remove the hair altogether, argues Arezoo, and mentally you’ll feel younger. (Although it may be a tad younger than you had been planning.) More than 50 per cent of her clients come in to get their grey seen to, ranging from women in their mid-30s to their 80s. ‘As you age, the texture of the hair changes - it becomes coarser, and hairs become sparser. So waxing is the best option.’ Wax regularly and you can modify the shape over time too. ‘Most women find that the hair goes grey in the middle at first, not at the top,’ she says. ‘The most elegant solution is to remove everything beneath, but to leave a small triangle at the highest point of your bikini line. Women in the early stages of grey can get away with this style for several years.’

this look can be an acquired taste - and if ripping your hairs from their snug follicles on a six-weekly basis doesn’t set your heart on fire, colour might be the way to go. It’s never advertised on a treatments list at a salon (perhaps they’re still wondering how best to phrase it?) but a couple of beauticians are starting to embrace the idea. The cleverest are the ones who tint it all in one hit - and don’t make you feel like a weirdo for asking. Like Clare Peters at Neville Hair & Beauty. ‘If someone comes in for a wax with just a couple of grey hairs, I’ll do it for them,’ she says. 'You don’t need to go into specifics when you’re booking an appointment. I’d use a blue/black eyelash tint with a slightly higher concentration of peroxide, then leave it for about 20 minutes to allow the colour to take.

This is all marvellous if you have time on your side. But if you make a sighting hours before exposure? Your best bet is a bit of stealthy DIY. Bliss has an awesome gadget called Trim and Bare It, £55, which mows through hair at an extraordinary speed. You can use it in the shower too. For quick touch-ups, Colour Wow, £29, could be a lifeline. It’s technically for the roots on your head, but in desperate times, this powder-and-brush combo - in every ‘natural’ colour you could want - might just come to the rescue.