how to cope with mean girls

Don’t react to her meanness. Mean girls feed on reactions. When they say or do something mean and you start crying and run away, they feel successful. Even if you feel a little hurt, try to keep your composure by doing deep breathing exercises and/or having a positive internal dialogue. If you’re composed, the mean girl won’t think she got to you.
Deep breathing exercises can lower your blood pressure and help you de-stress. If you’re feeling upset, try inhaling through your nose for four seconds and exhaling through your nose for four more seconds. Repeat this until you feel more relaxed.
Come up with a mantra to tell yourself during difficult times. Try saying something like, “I am strong,” or “No one defines me but me,” repeatedly in your head until you’re more calm.

Work on loving yourself. If you’re being harassed by a mean girl, you aren’t the problem, she is. It can be really difficult not to listen to or believe the mean things she says about you, but you know in your heart that you’re so much more than the nasty things she says. It’s hard to be positive when she’s being so negative, but it’s important to remember that you are a person with value.If you’re struggling to feel happy and confident about yourself because of the mean girl, try to:
Journal about how you feel.
Think of three good things about yourself whenever you’re stuck on one bad thing she said about you.

Reach out for help and support. Don’t try to deal with bullying all on your own. If the mean girl won’t stop harassing you, talk to a teacher, parent, or guidance counselor about the things she’s saying and doing that hurt you. One of these adults should know how to help, as it’s their job to keep you safe. You can also talk to your friends about how to handle it. If they’re willing to stand up for you, the mean girl may not bother you as much. Remember that there’s strength and power in numbers.