how to create a cancer scrapbook

Hospital Bracelet Page
Create a page that includes all of your hospital bracelets. Also, notate the reason for your stay, whether it be for surgery or the flu or even diagnostic testing.

Wig Shopping Page
This may be the most fun page to make in your cancer scrapbook!

When you go wig shopping, be sure to take lots of pictures of you trying on different wigs. Try on wig styles that you probably normally wouldn’t wear and snap a picture. Use the pictures for your page with your reactions as captions

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow Page
If you have undergone chemotherapy and experienced hair loss, you can create a page that profiles you before the hair loss and after with pictures and journal entries. Think about things you loved and disliked about your hair, the do the same about not having any hair.

Hair Loss Page
Much like a page in a baby book, you can include a lock of your hair on this page.

If you like to journal, this is a great way to emotionally vent about losing your hair. If you shaved your hair, you can include a picture of the event.