how to curb your portion sizes

Smaller Plates

Smaller plates make portions look bigger than they really are. You will tend to put less food on your plate right from the start. It is just a really simple optical illusion. You can fill up a hug plate with a ton of food and it won’t look like much. If you are struggling with portion sizes, the very first thing you should do is get rid of all your large dishes. At the very least push them to the back of your cupbords and only bring them out on Thanksgiving.

Drink Water

Water is a drink with zero calories, and its also essential to life. It has numerous health benefits and it can also curb your appetite by simply taking up room in your stomach. If you get a craving for food, or you feel a little hungry just drink some water. Filling up on water before you fill up your plate will keep you from eating as much

Eat Fiber

Foods high in fiber can fill you up more easily. Fiber is more difficult to digest so it takes longer and keeps you feeling satiated longer. It can also expand in your stomach which will make less room for other food. Some fiber filled foods are dried fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts, etc.