How to deal with my period at school?

Ok so at school am really super afraid I would leak! So I know what your gonnna say is change often! But the thing is I really can’t! So: 8:30-12:30 In class 12:30-1:30 recess/lunch 1:30-5:30 In class So as you can see I only have 1 hour break and that’s the ONLY time we are allowed to use the bathroom! But the thing is I need to change my pad every 2hiurs but the only time I can change it is from 12:30-1:30 and I would need to change buy 10:30 at maximum so I don’t leak. And I can’t ask the teacher to go to the bathroom. Once a girl asked the teacher (female): “can I please go to the bathroom” Teacher replies “No!” “Please it’s a Lady’s issue” my friend said “No I don’t care why I guess your chair will be bloody do you ever see me going to the bathroom in class No? Then neither then can you!” the teacher replied They don’t care the rule is no bathroom Durring class of you gotta pee then hold or we don’t care if you pee yourself and if your a girl then your seat will be bloody. But I Am afraid to use tampons am a huge Sickophobe and menstral cups aren’t sold where I live they are but not the store I go to! What’s should I do plse help!

Pads for bladder leaks are made to hold more than period pads. This should give you a bit longer between needing to be changed.

Take the leave when you have periods
Otherwise you can use extra large pads which are available in the market