how to do inner thigh lifts pilates mat exercise

Set Up
Lie on your side in one long line. Move your legs a few inches ahead of you so that you are in a banana shape.
Lift your ribs and prop your head up on your hand. Be sure that you keep your back and neck in good alignment. *Beginners and those with neck issues will want to lay their heads down on an outstretched arm.
Bring the foot of your top leg up to rest in front of your hips.
Thread your top hand behind the calf and grasp the outside of your ankle. This part can be modified so that the foot rests in front of your thigh, and the top hand is flat on the floor in front of your chest for more stability

Inhale: Keeping the bottom leg straight, reach it so long that it raises up off the floor. Use your inner thigh.

Exhale: Maintain that sense of length as you lower the leg back down.
Repeat: Do 5 - 8 sets on each side.