how to do one leg circle

Lie on your back with legs extended on the floor, arms by your sides. Take a moment to feel the weight of your body on the floor and activate every body part. The legs are taut and held together. The arms press into the floor energetically. The abdominals are pulled inward and upward.

Try to balance the weight of the shoulders and the hips on each side.

You may want to do some sequential breathing to help drop the breath into the body and encourage the weight of the ribs to rest on the floor.

Engage Your Abdominals
Pull your abdominals in, anchoring the pelvis and shoulders. Draw one knee in towards the chest and then extend it straight toward the ceiling.

If your hamstrings are flexible, go ahead and lengthen the leg directly up toward the ceiling. Do not lift your hip in the process. If it doesn’t go up that high simply lower the leg and do your best.

You may leave the knee slightly bent if your hamstrings are tight. It is more important that your hips stay stable and grounded on the mat than it is for your leg to be straight. If you do bend the knee, periodically try to straighten it so you continue to work your flexibility.

The Leg Circles
Inhale: Cross the extended leg up and across the body. It angles up toward the opposite shoulder and over the outstretched leg.
Exhale: Begin to lower the leg down towards the center line in a circling motion. Use control as you carry the open the leg out to the side and then sweep it around back to center at your starting position.
Be sure to keep your shoulders and pelvis level. This is more important than extending the leg fully or making big circles. It is in keeping the pelvis stable that your abdominals get their workout