how to do pike on the exercise ball

Take a plank position on the ball. The ball is positioned under your thighs. Your legs are extended straight behind you. Your shoulders are rotated back and down, away from your ears.

Take a moment to find a place of true stability. Just like in plank on the floor, your abs are lifted and your body is in a long line. You will need to engage your legs and butt, hugging them to your midline for stability.

Walk yourself forward on your hands so that the ball is under your knees or the tops of your shins. You will need to play with this yourself to find the right distance to get to a pike.

The further forward you go the higher your

Exhale: In one smooth, flowing motion, use your abdominal muscles to pull your hips up into a pike position (see fig. 1). The ball will roll under your legs to be closer to your ankles.

Keep your chest wide and your shoulders down so there is a lot of distance between shoulders and ears.

Go slow and monitor your balance.