how to eat healthy mexican food

Crunch Some Calories
When in doubt, choose an item that includes soft tortillas. Soft tortillas are baked while crunchy shells are fried. Choosing soft tortillas over crunchy ones can easily save a few hundred calories.

Soft with Salsa
A friend of mine swears by ordering soft tortillas to swap for chips. She spreads them with salsa, folds them up, and eats them like a taquito. (Yes, it can get messy.) She says these roll-ups quell her chips ‘n’ salsa craving in nada time flat!
The Best Beans
Black beans are an excellent choice for most any dieter. They are low in fat, high in protein and provide plenty of fiber. (Avoid black beans and rice if you’re a low-carb dieter and order the beans by themselves.)
Refried beans may sound like a good choice, but they are often prepared with lard, Mexican cheese blends, and even bacon, which quickly ups the fat and calorie content of what could be a healthy side.
Bonus Tip: Order pinto beans instead and you’ll get a similar flavor without the extra fat.

Dips are a “Don’t”
Con queso dips and nacho cheese are tempting toppers for chips, but they’re both extremely rich and high in fat and calories. Same goes for sour cream. Guacamole is made with avocado which is a healthy fat, but a little bit of it can quickly add up your fat and calorie intake, so keep an eye on portion sizes.
Bonus Tip: Always select salsa as a starter, topping, garnish or side and you’ll know you’re making the right choice.
Smart Switches
Switch to bean burritos instead of beef or cheese burritos and you’ll be saying adios to lots of extra calories and get in plenty of fiber to boot. Ask for corn tortillas to be used instead of flour and you’ll be doing even better!
“Do” and “Don’t” Dishes
Some popular dishes to avoid include: Nachos, chimichangas, chalupas, taquitos, chile relleno, (all of which are deep-fried) and “double decker” burritos.
Some better choices are: Chicken fajitas, bean burritos, a grilled chicken dish with peppers and onions (hold the cheese!), or a soft taco.
You may also be able to order low-fat cheese, brown rice, whole-wheat tortillas or a side of marinated vegetables.