how to eat low carb at mcdonalds

I’ve confessed countless times that I’m a convenience eater. And even with going low carb, fast food is still a regular part of my diet. Regular as in at least weekly if not several times a week.

This week I happened to go to McDonalds for lunch, and mainly only because I was craving one of their Iced Coffees.

I order my Iced Coffee with sugar free vanilla, by the way. They do use half & half for creamer, so you’ll have a slight carb count for that.

At home, or at other coffee shops, I would use heavy whipping cream in my coffee instead. Back to the rest of the menu, though…

When going for low carb fast food, you want to be cautious about your choices. The best thing you can do is pull up the nutrition facts and double check items before you order. You can download Nutrition Facts for almost any restaurant online, and print the PDF file for easy reference. Or you can just pull it up on your mobile phone if you’re out and about.