how to exercise with ibs

Cardiovascular exercise: Aerobic exercises, such as biking or walking, improve your overall health and fitness and are great ways to release tension.
Breathing exercises: By taking in deep breaths from the abdomen to get as much air as possible into your lungs, you are able to increase the amount of oxygen you breathe in, which makes you feel less tense.

Yoga: There are many different types of yoga, but all involve combining breathing with stationary and moving poses. For maximum relaxation benefits, look for yoga classes that mention the words “gentle” or “stress relief,” or look for beginner classes. If you want to focus more on fitness, you may want to move up to classes with more intense poses, as you get more comfortable with the technique

Tai chi: This is a “mind-body” exercise that began as a martial art in China. During tai chi, you move slowly while taking deep breaths and meditating. People who practice tai chi say it helps their digestive system work better and makes them feel calmer and more aware.
Meditation: There are many types of meditation exercises, but in all of them, you sit comfortably and focus your attention on one thing, such as a particular sound or your breathing.