how to find a speech therapist

You have just learned that your child may have a speech disorder and you feel overwhelmed. There are lots of details to sort out: what type of treatment your child needs, whether your insurance will cover it, and how to find a speech therapist that can help him.

Speech therapists can be found in two main settings: public schools and private clinics. There are advantages and disadvantages to both settings.

Getting lessons from the speech therapist in your public school is usually the most inexpensive option as there is no extra charge for using the SLP’s services. A speech therapist in your child’s school can also work more closely with his teacher. Even if your child attends private school, he may be able to work with a public school speech therapist; check with your state’s education department.

However, there are a few disadvantages to consider before sending your child to a speech therapist in his school. There may be a lengthy waiting period before your child receives therapy, during which time you will likely fill out excessive amounts of paperwork. More importantly, your child may not receive the one-on-one attention that he needs. Many public school SLPs are overwhelmed by the sheer number of children they treat. Budget cuts can also mean staff shortages. Furthermore, it’s likely that your child’s therapy sessions will be short and could be irregularly scheduled, due to school holidays.
Speech Therapist Working With Children in School