how to find support for coping with lupus

How to Find a Support Group

One way to find a support group is to do an Internet search. Type in search terms like lupus and your location. For example, a search using the terms lupus and Michigan turns up results for the Michigan Lupus Foundation. You can also try one of the lists of lupus organizations in the section below.

Keep in mind that lupus organizations tend to located in cities, states, or regions, so there might not be one in your immediate area. But that doesn’t mean they don’t extend groups or other services to areas near you.

When you find the closest lupus organization to you, give them a call to find out about their support groups and other services.

If you do not live in the United States, lupus organizations can be hard to come by, though some do exist. Do an Internet search for them. If you don’t find one, try finding an arthritis organization. If that doesn’t work, search the Internet for rheumatology departments at hospitals near you, or find out who is doing lupus-related research in your region or country and contact them.

Lists of Lupus Organizations

Since most lupus support groups are run by lupus organizations, it’s helpful to know who they are so you can contact them. Here are the major lists of lupus organizations out there:

Try the Lupus Research Institute’s list of National Coalition members, a group of independent lupus organizations in the United States.

The Lupus Foundation of America has chapters across the United States and also has a resource that lists organizations outside the United States.

Molly’s Fund, although based in Oregon, hosts support groups throughout the United States, as well.

Online Support Groups

Sometimes in-person support groups are too far, or you don’t have the energy or time to get there. Online groups and forums are also great ways to find support and connect with people. You might even meet someone who lives near you.

If you are concerned about privacy on the Internet, disguise your name and check your privacy settings on any website you decide to use.

You can do a search of #lupus on any social media platform, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You will find many people with lupus talking about their experiences, advertising events, hosting lupus Twitter chats or Facebook groups.

You can also do an Internet search for lupus message boards or lupus forums that are hosted online. My Lupus Team advertises itself as a social network for people with lupus.

Molly’s Fund also hosts online support groups in the form of Facebook chats.

There are many online options. Try them out. See which one you like the best.