how to get my hair to grow longer and fast

What can I do to make or help my hair to grow longer ans faster

I have the answer. Sadly all pharmaceutical companies don’t produce any effective anti-hairloss shampoo that would have such a good effect on normal hair people and considering that we are on a site that recommends home recipes, may I recommend my grangrangrandma recipes exclusively for your problem my friend! So you will need goat milk and ONLY GOATMILK, turkey’s eggs (13), hair from a cat’s tail (it helps with the colour, without it you hair after 2 inches would grow grey)(only 4-6 hair is enought and you should do it in such a way that the animal feels nothing), corn flour and last but not least 5 bottles(250ml each) of olive oil I recommend Portugal olive oil but Greek is as good also. You just mix the for 2,3 hours in 46 Celsius and you apply on the areas of the head 4 times a day for 21 days. I am sure that the result will be amazing if not sue me.