how to get rid of pimples naturally

Use Green Tea to Get Rid of Pimples
There are many studies, which proves that the green tea has shown magical effects on pimples and acne, when used externally. There is a theory that also helps when you consume it. Green tea contains an antioxidant called epigallocatechin-3-gallate or EGCG. This antioxidant will helps in reducing the sebum production, bacterial growth and inflammation in acne-prone skin. So it means that it solves the problems, which are responsible for pimples.

Take A Bath Two Times DailyWe recommend you to take the bath two times daily because this will help to reduce the pimples on your face. And not only it helps in reducing pimples, it also help in reducing acne, which is going to turn as a pimple on your face in a short period of time. By taking a bath twice a day, bacteria, dust and sweat will get removed on your face. This will help to have an oil free face and also give a fresh look on your face. This tip works best for people who are searching for tips on how to get rid of pimples naturally.


Garlic is an antiviral, antifungal, antiseptic and antioxidant agent that can help in the fast treatment of pimples. The sulfur in garlic also promotes quick healing of pimples.

Cut a fresh garlic clove into two pieces.
Rub the garlic on the pimples and leave it for five minutes before washing the skin with lukewarm water.
Repeat the treatment several times a day.
Eating one raw garlic clove daily can also help purify your blood. But do not to eat too much raw garlic as it can upset the stomach.