how to get rid of pimples on chest

Nearly all of us give ourselves a splash in the face after cleansing. A facial water is a mineral spring water used to splash the face with naturally occurring minerals. Most mineral waters are rich in magnesium, which reduces the appearance of redness, selenium, which slows down inflammatory processes, and/or sulfur, which fights bacterial infection. A facial water is applied to the face after cleansing and before applying moisturizer or makeup.

The effects of facial waters are visible the same day you use them. They may not make a big difference in your skin’s appearance, but any benefit from them only takes a few minutes and lasts about a day.

Fractional laser therapy. This type of treatment works at a deeper level than laser resurfacing or dermabrasion, Because fractional laser therapy doesn’t wound the top layer of tissue, healing time is shorter. Someone who has had this type of treatment may just look a bit sunburned for a couple of days.

Use Green Tea to Get Rid of Pimples
There are many studies, which proves that the green tea has shown magical effects on pimples and acne, when used externally. There is a theory that also helps when you consume it. Green tea contains an antioxidant called epigallocatechin-3-gallate or EGCG. This antioxidant will helps in reducing the sebum production, bacterial growth and inflammation in acne-prone skin. So it means that it solves the problems, which are responsible for pimples.

Directions to Use Green Tea:

Take few green tea leaves. If you are not able to get green tea leaves, then use the green tea bags.
Take a cup of boiling water and put a green tea bag or some green tea leaves in it.
Let it be cool for 5-10 minutes. In the meanwhile, wash your face and pat dry with the help of towel.
Use a cotton ball to apply the cool green tea water on your face or where you see the breakouts.
Leave it for 20-30 minutes and then wash your face with the normal water. It helps to kill the bacteria and futher helps to reduce the sebum production.

Take A Bath Two Times DailyWe recommend you to take the bath two times daily because this will help to reduce the pimples on your face. And not only it helps in reducing pimples, it also help in reducing acne, which is going to turn as a pimple on your face in a short period of time. By taking a bath twice a day, bacteria, dust and sweat will get removed on your face. This will help to have an oil free face and also give a fresh look on your face. This tip works best for people who are searching for tips on how to get rid of pimples naturally.