how to get rid of termites

Orange oil

Orange oil is a very affordable and practical way of getting rid of termite colonies. This oil is extracted from the orange peel, and is an effective biological pest control agent. Mix a few drops of orange oil with water and spray this mixture on the termites infected area.

Foams and insecticides

Foam and insecticides are a popular choice for getting rid of termites. For best results spray it twice every week on the infested area. A quick and effective solution for termites, these insecticides not only destroys the colonies but also prevents any infestation in the future. Just ensure that you take proper precautionary measures when using these sprays. The foams and liquid splashes contain many toxic substances that are dangerous when inhaled. It is best that you evacuate the building before spraying it to prevent unpleasant


If you want a permanent solution for termites then electrocution is the best option available. You will find a variety of products in the market that allow you to electrocute the termite colony. This means passing high voltage electric current on the infested area, killing all the termites at once. But remember to take appropriate measures when you use these electrodes. Wear safety gloves to protect yourself from electric shocks and accidents.

Destroying Wooden Mulch

Another effective method for killing termite colonies is throwing away the wooden mulch. If you have faced termite problems before or suspect an infestation, then immediately remove all the wooden mulch from your property right away. Termites breed on mulch and gradually would spread on to the furniture as well. If you cannot do away with the mulch at least keep it far away from the main house.