how to get your twins on a schedule

Do double-duty feedings. The key to a twin sleep schedule is to get your cuties on a feeding schedule first — babies who eat at the same time will likely become drowsy at the same time, too. After you’ve fed, burped, and changed your twins, you can let them “play” (sit and look at you!) until one or both get sleepy. Then, swaddle both and lay them down to nap, whether that’s with you in bed (always follow safe sleeping guidelines to lower the risk of SIDS) or in their own crib

Let sleeping twins share a crib. Twins can snooze together in one crib, co-sleeper, or play yard — put them on their backs side-by-side — until one baby learns to roll over, typically around two to four months. After that, you don’t want to risk one twin rolling over onto the other one.

Nap your twins together, too. Put them down simultaneously even if it takes one twin some extra time and soothing (with back rubs or soft lullabies) to actually drift off to dreamland. Bonus: In a few months, your twins will be taking two organized naps a day at the same time.