how to have a healthy cervix

Get Tested

Go for regular pap smears so that you can ease your fears about cervical cancer. The test screens for abnormal cervical cells that may turn cancerous and should be done regularly. Women who are sexually active should get it done at least once a year but if you’re not, do it every three years. Check with your doctor that the pap smear also screens for Human Papillomavirus (HPV), as not all tests check for that too.

Practice Safe Sex

Condoms protect your cervix from sexually transmitted infections (STIs). And, if you want better results, use a female condom as it also protects the inside of the vagina and the vulva from STIs.

Don’t Smoke

Women who smoke are more likely to develop cervical cancer as smoking can increase changes in cervical cells. Second-hand smoke can be worrying too so stay away from places where you’ll be exposed to cigarette smoke from others.

Boost Your Immunity

A healthy immune system helps to clear harmful bacteria and viruses from your body naturally and is able to clear HPV from your cervix too. Get enough sleep and eat well; foods that are especially good for your cervix and your immune system include dark green leafy vegetables (containing folic acid), yellow-orange vegetables or fruits like carrots, peaches and cantaloupe (containing beta-carotene) and cooked tomato products like puree and paste, watermelon and pink grapefruit (containing lycopene).

Don’t Stress

Some studies have shown a direct link between high levels of stress and irregular pap smear results. It’s easier said than done but keeping stress under control is very important for your health so always try your best to keep calm and carry on.