how to help children with texture aversions to food

Treatment for oral sensitivity is best undertaken with the supervision of an occupational therapist. However, you can help your texture-averse toddler learn to enjoy new foods with many simple activities at home. Encourage your toddler to play with new food even if he’s not willing to eat it at first

If he prefers smooth textures, then try grinding up new foods to get him used to new tastes first. Use distractions, such as songs and stories, during meals to help him enjoy family meals and pay less attention to what he’s eating.

Encourage him to try one bite of a new food, and give him choices about what new food to try. Allow him to use his favorite seasonings as much as he wants, especially on new foods. Avoid offering a meal that’s all new food: always include at least one food that you know your child likes, but offer the new food first when he’s hungry and might be more willing to try it.