how to increase breast size?

I’m 20 years old but my breasts are very small. How can I solve that without having to go thrthrough plastic surgery?

Practice self-massage.
There are two benefits to massage: increased circulation and prolactin production. The first makes it easy for phytoestrogens to travel through the bloodstream, flow to your breasts, and let your breast receptors pick up what they need in order to grow. The second is a breast-enlarging hormone that is triggered by regular stimulation of the breasts and nipples

To perform the massage, start by rubbing your hands together as fast as you can to generate heat and energy. Once your hands are warm, place them on your breasts. Rub inwards with your hands and continue around your breasts in a circle. Your right hand will circle in a clockwise direction, and your left hand will circle counter-clockwise (as you look down).

Do a minimum of 100-300 circular rubs in the morning and another 100-300 circular rubs before you go to bed. Each circular rub should last about 2 seconds. Pause occasionally and rub your hands together to re-warm them. The full 300 rubs should take about 10-15 minutes.

Step 1
Eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains to prevent overproduction of testosterone, which inhibits natural breast growth. It is mainly found in small increments in the female body. Women who overproduce testosterone soon develop male attributes such as minimal breast tissue.
Step 2
Consume plant estrogens such as soybeans, kidney beans and peas. These foods are rich in plant estrogens, which enhance your natural estrogen production. Estrogen is responsible for breast tissue growth. Plant estrogens are not the same as the synthetic estrogens used in hormone replacement therapies and have not been linked to breast cancer or other health concerns.
Step 3
Add fresh herbs to your daily diet through food or supplements. Fenugreek and wild yam have been touted as aids for breast growth by stimulating tissue growth. Saw palmetto helps increase digestion and distribute good fats from food to the breasts, while fennel increases milk production in young mothers, thus making the breasts appear larger.

Gain weight:
Breasts are almost all fat. If you’re one of the lucky women who gains weight in their breasts, this may be a viable option. Only consider this route if a slight weight gain does not affect your health; being overweight or obese can cause health problems down the road that are not worth the slight increase in cup size.

If you are thin or underweight, a healthy high-calorie diet may enable you to gain weight and enhance your bust size. Consider eating a diet rich in nuts, beans, whole grains and cheese. These can offer a healthy increase in calories without the negative effects associated with trans fats and refined sugar. As always, avoid heavily processed foods[

Get creative:
-Even though there doesn’t seem to a tried-and-true method to increasing your bust size, there are ways to fool the eye.
-Practice good posture. Throwing your shoulders back will automatically stick your breasts out a bit, giving your silhouette more curve.
-Don a fancy neckline. Ruffles and pleats create volume around this area that tricks the mind and adds more volume to your chest.
-Make-up isn’t just for your face. Shade above your breasts to give the illusion of cleavage with tones that create shadow and contouring lines.