how to induce labor with castor oil

To the people that are calling moms selfish, you don’t know what the mom is going through for them to come to such desperate measures. I’m 39 weeks pregnant today and for the past week I’ve been in so much pain I can’t move without help. I end up in bed all day and if it weren’t for my husband making me eat and drink, I’d be starving and dehydrated. I called my doctor, but apparently not eating or drinking and being in a lot of pain is not reason for induction or for admittance. So there are moms out there being turned away, even though their babies may be suffering. Get a life and stop downing people every chance you get

Castor oil worked for me!My due date was Feb 22nd. That day I read up about Castor oil inducing labor and thought I would try it. At 5:30 PM I took about 2 tablespoons mixed with OJ. I then took a hot shower shortly after. Around 6:30 PM I had my first contraction. I thought nothing of it but ANOTHER annoying braxton hicks. About a half hour later I had another. Still in denial I thought nothing of it. Finally about 9:00 PM My contractions suddenly hit out of no where less than every 5 minutes. I WAS STILL IN DENIAL! But I rushed to the hospital 5 mins away…I was 2 1/2 cm when I went in. at 11:30 pm my water broke and I was still 2 1/2 cm. Then at 1:00 AM I was 10 cm and ready to push. Went from 2-10 in about an hour and 15 mins. Had my baby at 1:10 AM. I TOTALLY WOULD DO IT AGAIN!! I still can’t believe it actually worked for me. My labor was basically 4 hours long. No complications with labor or baby at all. The only downside is diarreah but still worth it