how to make a baby sling from a sheet

Begin by folding your sheet in half lengthwise. You want the sheet to be long and narrow.
Put the folded sheet over the shoulder of your dominant hand. Place it so that the fold opens toward the outside of your body.
Be sure that the front part of the sheet is hanging at about your waist level. Allow the other end of the fabric to drape over your back.
Tie a slip knot in the sheet by following the steps below.

Pull the end of the sheet at your waist in front of you.
Bring the material draped around your back underneath your other arm and toward the front, making sure the material is taut against your back. You may want to “pinch” the material against your body using the elbow of your non-dominant hand.
Place the long end of the sheet that is under your arm over top the shorter end of the sheet that is draped over your shoulder to tie the knot.
Pull the long end under the short end and pull up through.
Pull the knot so that it tightens at your chest at a comfortable tension.
Now make an “X” with the ends of the sheet so that the long end is under the short end that is at your dominant side.
Bring the long end up and through to complete the slip knot.

At this point, the end of the sheet on your dominant side can be held out straight, while the side that passed under your other arm can slide up and down to adjust the tension.
Reposition the sheet on your body so that the knot is sitting just slightly in front of your shoulder, not on top or toward your back.
The fabric of the sheet at your chest now forms a pouch. Depending on the age of your baby, there are several different ways you can carrying them in your self-made baby sling. Choose one of the holds below based upon your baby’s development. Note these holds are all similar to holds you can use for ring slings.