how to motivate teens to get good grades

A Subscription. Maybe they have a favorite magazine that will reduce their ‘screen time’ or there is a streaming music service they have wanted to start using.
Extended Curfew. Give them an extra hour on their weekend curfew so they can hang out with friends just a little bit longer. This can help establish trust.
Sleeping In. Allow your teen to take a morning off and sleep in a little later than normal. Of course, this shouldn’t be on a school day

Car Privileges. Extend your driving teen’s car privileges for an extra hour or two so they can stay at the mall or coffee shop a little longer.

Computer Time. Limiting teenager’s screen time is not a bad thing. When they do good things, give them a few extra hours to play on the computer without doing homework.
Favorite Meal. Give your teen the opportunity to plan one of the family’s dinners and let them choose their favorite dish and dessert.
Pizza Night. Almost every teen loves pizza and you can treat them to a dinner at their favorite pizza joint or make a pie at home. Invite the teen’s best friend and let them choose their favorite toppings

Movie Night. Either get the family together or let the teen invite a few friends to a movie night. Give them tickets to the theater or have their friends over to stream that new blockbuster at your house. If it’s a family movie night, reward your teen with the flick of their choice.
Concert Tickets. Is your teen dying to attend the hottest new pop band that is coming to town? Reward them with a pair of tickets and let them invite a friend to attend the show with them.
Redesigned Bedroom. A teenager’s bedroom is their place in the house and it is nice to move furniture around or add a fresh feel to the decor as they grow up. If they have been begging you for a new look, this is a great reward.

Friend Time. Give your teen permission to invite a few friends over for a sleepover or just a few extra hours to watch movies, play games and hang out.