how to plan a fun tween sleepover party

Limit Your Guests
While it would be gracious to include all of your child’s friends, it’s not always practical to flood your home with a dozen tweens. Limit the number of children your child invites to eight. Keep in mind that many children feel overwhelmed in large groups, and may be more comfortable in a smaller setting. If your tween is a girl, you may want to aim for an even number of kids, as girls typically pair off, and you don’t want anyone left out.

Pass on Co-Ed Parties
Co-ed parties are all the rage with teens, and your child may think he or she is ready to host one. In general, co-ed sleepover parties aren’t a great idea for the tween age group. You’ll have to police constantly and supply separate bathrooms and sleeping quarters for the girls and the boys. In addition, many tweens and many parents find co-ed sleepovers an uncomfortable social setting.

Gather Contact Information
A successful sleepover party requires a backup plan, in case anything goes wrong. Make sure you have contact information for every child at your home, and ask if the parents have any special concerns or rules concerning their children. You’ll need to know if any children have food allergies or health concerns that might limit their activities.