how to properly fit a knee brace

Step 1
Buy a high-quality knee support from a medical equipment store or drug store. All adult knee supports are one-size-fits-all. These knee supports are comfortable and be used for full range of motion for your knee. Ask your physician for advice on which knee support is best.

Step 2
Sit comfortably on a chair and apply the knee support on the affected knee. Make sure the opening to the support is on your kneecap. If the knee support comes with a strap in the middle, make sure to wrap it around your knee and firmly attach it to the appropriate fastener. Always read the instructions that come with the knee support.

Step 3
Identify any more straps on the knee support. Most knee straps have lower and upper straps. Securely wrap these straps around the body of you knee support, making sure they are not too tight; you should not feel numbness.

Step 4
Stand up and walk around for five minutes. If your knee support bunches up against your knee, sit down and smooth the knee support over your knee to eliminate the wrinkles. If your knee feels numb, loosen the straps slightly.