how to reduce calories in green bean casserole

sometimes green bean casserole is simply a necessity. If the traditional dish is the only way to go, there are a few easy fixes to improve the nutritional value. Healthier versions of cream of mushroom soup (think “low sodium,” or “reduced fat”) may cut out up to half of the calories, fat, and sodium.

Homemade baked onions, while still not especially healthy, may be a better alternative to fried onions by cutting down on fat. As for those green beans, if using frozen, don’t thaw ‘em before cooking. Vitamins affected by heat (vitamin C, for example) are broken down more easily when cooked after thawing . Additional vegetables are another great way to compensate for vitamin-loss during cooking. Fresh mushrooms are rich in B vitamins and onions (not of the fried variety) have been associated with cancer- and bacteria-fighting properties . For those looking to hide a few more vitamins in this casserole, try substituting some of the green beans for other frozen veggies, like asparagus (they’ll blend right in!), carrots, or cauliflower.