how to reduce racing thoughts at night

Practice the Eckart Tolle Kung-Fu Way – It really helpful to bring you attention fully to the present when you trying to get to sleep. A great way to do this I picked from watching Oprah interview Eckhart Tolle. He held both hands out straight (like a Kung Fun Master), then he said outside the right hand is the future and outside the left hand was the past. Now bring your attention to the distance between your two hands that represents the present.

Create Inward Focus – Focus on the physical world that you can control. Focus on your own body. Start by turning your attention to your hands over and really thinking about what you’re doing to the exclusion of all else. When that begins to work, move your elbows or roll your shoulders. The idea here is to focus so much on your body’s movements that your thoughts begin to fade. The added benefit being that these exercises will leave your body relaxed and ready for sleep.

Pattering Quiet Activities – Think about activities that calm you and put you in a more open minded or relaxed state. For some people, it’s painting, reading, knitting, or puzzle books. The activity shouldn’t be overly physical or mental. Start making it a habit of this activity being the last thing you do before you go to bed. If you mind starts to race, for on the activity you just completed.