how to remove cystic acne

Raw honey is one of my beloved moisturizers. Honey has antiseptic qualities and heals scars like a boss. It also cures acne-related bacteria and can heal wounds and scars from cystic acne. I’ve stepped up my honey-game with my latest bout of crazy hormones; three times a week I am dipping my face in my all-time fave raw honey, cinnamon, and nutmeg mask. You’ll get bonus benefits if you’re using manuka honey, which is known to heal scars faster. Most OTC cystic acne treatments can dry out your skin and even the natural remedies can be somewhat drying, so this is going to restore your skin’s moisture without clogging your pores

This facial mask has been a life-saver. Cystic acne can flare up because of an imbalance in pH level; something I try to be on top of, but it’s just all those daily vices I indulge in that are unhelpful to my case. I mix equal parts of lemon juice (an excellent astringent, skin repairer, and skin-lightener) with apple cider vinegar, which restores pH levels and has some seriously serious probiotics: a key element in combating cystic acne. Then I pour in organic turmeric powder; turmeric will be your anti-inflammatory to alleviate the redness and pain in those embarrassing bumps. Add enough of this spice to form a nice, potent paste and leave on my face for about 5 minutes. Real talk: This is the JAM for cystic acne. My recommendation is that if you’ve suffered from it before, you should know when it’s starting to flare up. Get it while it’s starting and this natural remedy will have you camera ready in just a few days!

This mask means business, y’all. I actually feared the dryness of the mask and suggest using this as a spot treatment before you apply all over your face. Even though baking soda proves to be one of the most diverse substances I’ve had the pleasure of using it is very alkalizing. Dilute your baking soda and Epson salt with warm water (enough to form a paste) and then apply on the affected area: Allow the solution to harden before rinsing off with lukewarm water. Start off using once a day, then try twice a day, and on the third day, inspect the area to make sure it’s working, three days of treatment will increase your odds of getting rid of the gnarly flare-up. If you are looking to add a smidge of oil to ease dryness that can be caused by these ingredients? I suggest clove oil — it’s well-known as a warrior in battling cystic acne, but if you’re adding clove oil, be sure to dilute it properly as this essential oil is incredibly powerful.

You MUST load up on water as soon as your shit starts getting out of whack. Even if you aren’t usually subject to cystic acne, any outbreaks are going to get flushed out faster if you are chugging three liters of water a day. Diet can have a lot to do with flare-ups; I try to squeeze at least half a lemon in my H20 while I’m chugging. The vitamin C will remove toxins from your body (which is exactly why I’m all about adding it into my facial mask) and boost your immune system.