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How to take your yoga with you when you travel

Go easy on yourself.

You may not be able to fit in your usual hour-long daily practice or three classes a week, but any yoga is better than none, right? Decide on a realistic and achievable time you can commit to your practice each day and stick to that no matter what.

Around 20 minutes a day or three times a week is an achievable goal and also enough to make a difference. This first small commitment in itself will help you to create a routine wherever you go and remain focused, grounded and blissfully aware as you take to the road.

Don’t make excuses.

No, you don’t need a mat to practice and yes, a hotel towel robe tie or scarf is just as good as a strap! Yoga doesn’t require any special equipment or even a lot of space, it simply needs you to show up and practice.

The great thing about yoga is that it can be done anywhere at any time, inside or out, in the city or on the beach, on a plane or on a train so there really is no excuse! Even in the smallest of spaces you can fit in standing poses such as Trikonasana, tree pose and Warrior Two.

In waiting lounges or in transit, you can perform some simple neck stretches, shoulder rolls and ankle-over-knee stretches. Too tired to practice? Then a few gentle Yin yoga poses when you reach your destination will help to release any built up tension and ensure a deep restful night’s sleep.

Remember that yoga practice is far more than just asana.

You can “do” yoga all day every day without even having to step foot on your mat. Meet delays with meditation, when things don’t quite go to plan, practice pranayama and take some deep, deep breaths.

Chant mantras when in transit and show compassion to every stressed out check-in person or fellow traveller that you meet! Use your travels as a way to deepen your yoga practice by working on something other than the asana, such as the yamas and niyamas or more bhakti yoga (the yoga of devotion) – helping you to discover yogic peace within the travel chaos.