how to treat a kidney infection?

I just overcame a kidney infection in 3-4 days. I was getting a fever and it hurt and was tender, though no blood or anything else was visible in the urin with the naked eye. Here’s what I did:

  1. Plenty of water
  2. Green and Blueberry Tea
  3. Spoons of natural unheated, untreated honey (cold, not in tea)
  4. UTI Clear (3 times day)
  5. D-mannose (half teaspoon every 3-4 hours)
  6. Potassium Citrate or Calcium citrate (3 times a day and before sleep) 1-3 grams - make sure it contains no aspartate
  7. Goldenseal root (2 times a day)
  8. Uva Ursi (3 times a day - do not use long term)
  9. Natural 100% Cranberry juice 16 oz a day (not sweetened nor from concentrate)
  10. Lentil soup with a lot of fresh chopped parsley (the more the better) and chopped cilantro, 1 onion, several crushed cloves of garlic, Curry powder and olive oil and a few other seasonings. All this almost dwarfs the lentils. 1 cup of lentils and 4 cups water with all this.

The bill for all of the above will be about $120 or so.

I avoided:

  1. All animal protein including milk, yogurt, cheese…
  2. Eating too much, except the soup
  3. Anything containing SUGAR (this is important as bacteria in the UTI and Kidney’s grow on sugar)

Kidney infections are serious and I was prepared to go to the doctor if this didn’t help and do antibiotics. Matter of fact, that was my initial plan. But After reading and from person experience, my intuition said to try without antibiotics first and it worked, probably just as fast and without the antibiotics and the problems that arise in using them.

Hope this helps someone. This treatment should also work for lower UTI infections. Make sure the Calcium citrate or Potassium citrate contain no aspartate. Good luck!