how to treat constipation in infants

Switch Up the Milk
If your baby is exclusively breastfed, you can try adjusting your diet. Your baby may be sensitive to something you’re eating, which could be causing the constipation. Bottle-fed babies may benefit from a different type of formula, at least until the constipation clears. Sensitivity to certain ingredients can cause constipation.

Use Pureed Foods
If your baby has not made the transition to solid foods yet, try some of the foods listed above in their pureed form. Keep in mind that fruits and vegetables have a lot of natural fiber that will add bulk to your child’s stool. Some are better than others at helping stimulate a bowel movement.

Up the Fluids
Proper hydration is essential for regular bowel movements. Water and milk are great for keeping your baby hydrated. Prune and pear juice may help speed up your child’s colon contractions, which can help your baby produce a bowel movement more quickly. If the juice is too sweet or tangy for your baby’s palate, try diluting it in a cup of water.

Movement speeds up digestion, which can help move things through the body more quickly. If your child isn’t walking yet, leg bicycles and other movements may be helpful instead of walks.