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How to treat leg pain in up thigh after a work out

My left thigh area pains me only through the night after I have worked out. Once I start my day and on my feet I feel no pain

Is it primarily when you are laying flat or sitting? And also where exactly is the pain, if it’s on the outer side of the upper left thigh then there is a nerve there called the sciatic nerve which is a problem area for many in the legs, in extreme cases it is in the back as well. However if the pain is in the back of the leg then your hamstrings are the source of the issue, but I could give a precise answer if you could provide a description which is as accurate as possible as to the exact location and the type of pain(sharp, dull, mild and lingering, causes generalized weakness of the legs, etc…) I am here to help you find an answer so please don’t be annoyed by all the info requests, I just want to accurately assessment your issue. Thanks, I look forward to helping you further!