how to use ear drops correctly

If your ear drops are a suspension, the label will remind you to shake the bottle before using the drops.
Wash your hands.
Sit in front of a mirror so you can see what you are doing.
Take the lid off the bottle.
Tip your head to one side or lie on your side so that the affected ear is facing upwards.
Gently pull the ear lobe away from your neck

Hold the bottle or dropper over the ear opening and gently squeeze the correct number of drops into your ear.
Keep your head tipped or stay lying on your side for a few minutes to let the drops spread into the ear canal.
Wipe away any excess liquid with a clean tissue.
Repeat this procedure for the other ear if your doctor or pharmacist has advised you to do this.
Replace the lid on the bottle.
Take care not to touch the tip of the bottle or dropper with your fingers. If the dropper is separate don’t put it down on any surface.