how to write a note to the teacher

Write a draft to figure out what you want to say. Always write a draft before starting on your real letter so you can organize your thoughts and write the best letter you can. Have an adult look over your draft and offer suggestions to make it even better

Pick a card that fits with your letter’s purpose. You can write your letter on a premade card or on a white sheet of paper. If you’re using a card, pick one that’s appropriate for the occasion. Ask your parents or guardian if they have any cards you can use.
If you’re writing a birthday card for your teacher, don’t pick a card that says “thank you” on the front. That wouldn’t make sense! Instead, pick one that says “happy birthday.”
Plain cards work for most occasions, too.

Choose a pen with black or blue ink. If you want to type your letter, you can do that too, but handwritten letters are more personal. Thank-you letters should always be handwritten.
Don’t worry if your writing is a little messy. Just try to write as clearly and neatly as you can. Take it slow–there’s no rush!