How various blood cancers can affect sex life

Not everyone with cancer will have changes in sexual desire or how they feel about themselves sexually. You might not notice any changes at all. But you might find cancer changes your body image affecting the way you feel about yourself and sex.

Some people lose interest in sex and feel very tired. But some people say that they want to have sex more than usual. If you are in a relationship, a crisis can sometimes bring couples very close together.

As people are so different and have different sexual needs, it is impossible to say exactly how cancer will affect your sexuality and sex life. Some types of cancer and their treatment affect your ability or desire to have sex more than others. If you are in a loving relationship your concerns may be different from someone who is single.

If your feelings about your body and having sex change during your cancer treatment, it doesn’t mean that it will last forever. If you are able to talk to your partner, doctor or nurses about your worries it can ease them. They may be able to suggest ways to help improve any problems you’re having.