I am infected with sinusitis so what is the cure rather than operation?

I need a best home remedies which I can do at home without disturbing my job because I am having this problem for 1-2 months and doctor advised me to operate this but I am not interested so could you please help me in this and provide the best cure to get rid of this. And when I prescribed for an x-ray I found my left nostril skin got increased and that’s why I am having all these problems so please help me out in this with all best remedies.

By now it’s probably turned into fungal sinusitis. I had it earlier this year and used several remedies to get rid of it. First get yourself a sinus wash bottle, SinuMed makes one you can find at most pharmacies. Add one tablespoon of organic cold pressed coconut oil and one tablespoon raw organic unpasteurized (unheated) unfiltered honey, it should appear thick and pasty like peanut butter. Fill it with slightly warmed distilled water and do the process explained by the SinuMed instructions. Try to do this in the morning and evening. It will get worse before it gets better. Take Fenugreek & Thyme supplement 4 capsules 3x’s a day. Take a tablespoon of the coconut 3x’s a day for as long as you need it. Also take 2000mg’s of Vitamin C everyday until dismissed. Lastly I used a 1/4 teaspoon of organic cayenne pepper spice only with distilled water in the sinus wash bottle and do each nostril. It will hurt for about a minute or two then subside. Do this only in the morning, this will kill any bacterial or viral infection that you have. I suffer from sinusitis severely, my grandfather suffers too and is very stubborn, so he opted for the surgery for the second time. Guess what, 2 months later, back again. It is something you have to manage. Lemon in water is also good first thing in the mornings.