I am suffering from Acute cholesystisis. Is there any herbal remedy and diet to be followed

I am also having contracted gall bladder after a sonography was performed after fasting.

Thank you in advance

Take fresh juice of beet, carrot and cucumber 100ml each twice daily. This combined juice is found to be very beneficial in the treatment of all gall bladder disorders.

Pear is another excellent remedy. The fruit or its juice will bring beneficial results.

In acute condition, fast for 2 days. After fasting have fruit and vegetables juice for next few days. Carrots, beet, pears, lemons or grapes may be taken in the form of juice. Then adopt a well balanced diet.

Include yogurt, cottage cheese, and a tablespoon of olive oil twice a day.
Avoid processed foods, animal fats, egg, meat, fried, refined carbohydrates, alcohol, coffee, as well as spices, condiments and pickles.