I am taking DMV for BP but my leg muscles are getting weak and I find difficulty in walking. Can DMV be the cause?

No. It may be because of some other issue. or Check your vitamin D level, if it is low then it can cause muscle pain.

otherwise consult some good doctor.

I have been taking a drug pill Verapamil for over a year now and this past year i noticed that all my muscles got very weak especially my legs and i couldn’t get up off the floor without help or holding onto something. I am sure it’s the drug. I just started the MV ten days ago so not sure yet what to report. I just quit my drug pill 2 days ago. I was only taking 40 mg and was supposed to take 80 or more., but it made me very weak. I am a little high now at 150/85 today, but will keep taking the MV.