i cant lose weight

I want to lose weight ,but I can’t its all in lower area

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Juice fast. If you don’t own a juicer use Naked or Bolthouse farms natural green juice. Put in a super food as a meal replacement. You can start with 1 meal per day and build up to 3 meals per day. You’ll have rapid weight loss. Once you reach your desired weight never eat processed or fried foods again. Go natural…vegan if possible. Also avoid sugars, use stevia instead.

Also eat one meal per day to maintain a healthy weight. Three meals is too much. It over works the digestive system. I juice a meal, eat a light healthy snack, and eat one meal daily and maintain my ideal weight.

Regular excersize like jogging braistwalk…go out with friends aboid fatty foods drink a lot of water…
Ate lots of fruits

You probably have a hormone imbalance until your hormones are balanced it will be very hard to loose weight.

Drink a cup of water, lemon juice, and honey every morning. Boil all together to make tea. Or drink up to 3 cups of green tea, everyday.