i get acid reflux even though I don't eat acidic foods. what's happening?

Would it be the pylori bug or something else? If it is the pylori bug what can I do about it?

Here are few tips:

	Eat small, regular meals rather than occasional big meals.

	After eating, stay upright; take a walk.

	If you are overweight, try to lose weight.

	Sleep with your head raised, which help to prevent acid reflux.

	Avoid hot spicy food, pickles, fermented food, chocolate, and coffee.

	Avoid alcoholic or very hot drinks.

	Minimize or cut out citrus fruit and sour fruit.

	Don’t wear tight-fitting clothes or belts.

	Don’t smoke; it may aggravate heartburn.

	Avoid stress. Take a sound sleep.

	Don’t sit hunched up at your desk; this will encourage heartburn. Try not bend or stoop over.

	Never go to bed or lie down immediately after a meal.